My Time with B.E. Lavish – So Cal’s Fabulous Photography Duo

When I met Jolie and Kimi, I knew it was love at first snap. I’ve been dying to have professional photos taken for the longest time and I feel like the luckiest gal in the world after working with these two. The photography tag team behind B.E. Lavish Photography, Jolie Budau and Kimberley Evensen, are two wonderful, funny, smart and lively California gals who know how to have a good time doing what they love to do most: using San Diego’s Organic sunlight to capture the most beautiful photos they can.

Photo by B.E. Lavish

B.E. Lavish was created when two great minds (and friends) got together and made it their photography plight to use So Cal’s best resource and shoot in natural light to bring out the truest essence of their clients skin and eyes.  They chase after what they call the “golden hour” of sunlight, which is typically around 6:30 p.m. when the sun begins to set, because they feel this is the time that makes people literally glow.  Before shooting their model(s), they take the time to hunt and gather the perfect shoot location, and I was lucky enough to see some of their secret spots. They invited me (w/Tanner + Ruby) to take some photos on a lovely Sunday evening and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Photo by B.E. Lavish

If you’re like me, having your photo taken can be somewhat intimidating. Not everyone is photogenic, after all. But Kimi and Jolie make it work. From the direction they give with posing to the specific lens they use, these ladies know exactly what they’re doing and the end result are photos with the right amount of romanticism, class and style.

According to Jolie, she and Kimi “are like Laverne and Shirley, we laugh non-stop and we get the clients to crack up too!  For the client, it is a fun environment where they can just let loose and have a great time.  We have very similar creative styles and are in love with shooting.  It just so happened that we had the same camera too.  We began our business almost 2 years ago.”

Photo by B.E. Lavish

Since then, these ladies have be honing their natural talents and specialize in outdoor photography, portraits, weddings, babies, engagements, families, maternity–they pretty much do it all. Kimberley Evensen, who also owns Lavish Lark Photography, said that shes uses her “photography to tell stories, to take that moment and suspend it for us to look back and relive it to re-love everyone we hold close.” Her style is  “journalistic” and she feels she is like a “ghost writer telling the story of you at this point and time in your life and that my passion is taking images that are so full of my clients love that when they look at their photographs, they gasp/cry/laugh when they see that in just a few short hours, they can find their love and capture it for them to hold on to forever.”

Photo by B.E. Lavish

When asked about her favorite part of photo shoots, Kimi says “It’s amazing how much fun you can have with strangers in just an hour or 2. In that time it goes from a hand shake to a hug and you get to celebrate some of life’s most moving and amazing moments with your clients. We take all that and create works of art just for them. It is so much fun showing them how they are the star in their life story. I am crazy over my job” (laughing as she says it). To see some of Kimi’s additional work, check out her blog.

Photo by B.E. Lavish

Jolie Budau, who describes her style of photography as “light and breezy, with a touch of love,” fell in love with photography as a teen and gets her inspiration from Herb Ritts and Ansel Adams, two vastly different photographers who both captured beauty in a magical- sort-of-way. Completely self taught with a few lessons here and there, Jolie says that when it comes to getting the perfect shot “you have to honor your vision and go with it.” She also feels that “there is nothing more satisfying than when a client says “I am in love with this photo.”  You have created a lasting memory and paper legacy that will be passed on from generation to generation.” I couldn’t of put it better myself.

In addition to being a talented photographer, Jolie is also a Licensed Master Esthetician and Hollywood Airbrush Trained Makeup Artist. Before my shoot, Jolie did my makeup and was meticulous in getting the exact look I wanted. A while back, I did this post about a facial she gave me. Dozens of facials later, her’s is still the best. She currently works at Nufaces Day Spa in Encinitas,CA and specializes in professional airbrush makeup services (and luckily, still does superb facials!).

Photo by B.E. Lavish

Jolie and Kimi shoot together because they love the dynamic of snapping the same photo from two different perspectives. The results can be drastically different, and they are not ones to miss the perfect shot! I’m over the moon for my photos and had the best time having my pictures taken and getting to know these lovely ladies a bit more. After working with them, it’s easy to become fast friends because they are just as genuine as they are talented.

To see the rest of the photos from my B.E. Lavish photo shoot, along with other beautiful images from Jolie and Kimi, visit their blog here.

For more information on B.E. Lavish Photography, check out their Facebook page or call (760) 515-2757 to book an appointment or find out current package specials.

x Allie


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