Jewelry Fixation with St. Kilda

Even though I’m a California girl now, my heart will always be still for Brooklyn. It’s where I was born and where I spent a lot of time growing up and discovering the city life. I will always find this borough charming and enchanting.

In my opinion, a lot of great stuff comes out of Brooklyn. Case in point: St. Kilda Jewelry. In my search for all things fabulous and unique, I stumbled across this line and have since become totally infatuated. The founder and designer, Nora Kogan, works out of her studio and store in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn, and creates some of the most intricately and uncommon jewelry I have ever seen. Here are some of my favorites for St. Kilda’s current collection…

Multi-color enamel and gem Serpent Rings

Brass and enamel Match Stick Earrings

Bone Cuff Bracelet

The Skorpion Ring in 14k yellow gold and translucent gold enamel, set with a yellow diamond

Enameled Endless Love ring in sterling silver comes in a variety of colors like red, emerald, turquoise, & black

St. Kilda also specializes in out of the ordinary and vintage inspired wedding and engagement rings, which you can check out here. So lovely! If you live in Brooklyn or NYC, you can check out the store for yourself, but us CA folks will have to settle for their online boutique. Cheers!

xo Allie


My Go-To SPF and Facial Moisturizer

Because it never gets as hot here in Southern California as it does on the East coast, we can sometimes forget how strong the sun really is and how important it so to protect our skin. I can’t leave the house without moisturizing my face and I’ve been looking for a facial moisturizer with a strong SPF for the longest time. Most that I’ve tried leave my face greasy or give my skin a “whitened” look from the SPF. Sometimes I even take my sun block and mix it in with my moisturizer. Does the trick, but there’s something about it that’s not quite right.

I’ve found the perfect solution with pur-lisse ‘s pur-protect spf 30 essential daily moisturizer. I started using this a couple of weeks ago and I’ve already noticed that my skin is more even and there is never a trace of greasiness.I also love the fact that my skin is protected while being moisturized, and I don’t have to worry about damage to my face from the strong UVA and UVB rays the California sun is always giving off. Pur-protect is made with anti-oxidant rich Chinese botanicals like Blue Lotus and White Tea which helps soothe sensitive skin and prevent skin aging. So glad I discovered this fabulous 2-in-1 facial product to keep my face fresh and protected.

Get the pur-protect spf 30 moisturizer for yourself at or check out their store locater for a shop near you.

xo Allie

Emily Cho: My New Handbag Obsession

I was recently introduced to a chic new line of handbags, called Emily Cho, created by an interesting duo of first time designers, Emily Gellis and SJ Cho. Emily and SJ met in 2009, while working for the same clothing line in different departments, Emily was a buyer and SJ was in the design sector. Fate and entrepreneurship brought them together and Emily Cho was born.

Emily Gellis and SJ Cho pictured with Emily Cho Handbags

The line caught my eye because of the simplicity and uniqueness of the sleek folded style of the handbags. Emily and SJ were inspired to create this design by a multitude of things, including underwater sea creatures; I’m thinking of an exotic stingray. The other trait this bag features, that I’m a sucker for, is that it can easily be transitioned from the day’s activities to night’s festivities. Love it.

Emily and SJ ensure the finest quality for their handbags, and all pieces are constructed by hand in an Italian factory right outside of Florence that has specialized in handbag production for over sixty years. The girls carefully select the finest Italian leathers, specifically using unique stamped leathers that are cut by hand to resemble exotic skins. After months of style development and close attention to detail, Emily Cho bags stand alone as rare specialty items, incomparable to anything else available in today’s market.

For Haute Girls on the east and west coast, I’m happy to tell you that Emily Cho Handbags are now available at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City and Beverly Hills and for anyone in between check out and shop away! Jeanette x

Clutch in Multi Metallic Croc
Tex Folded Clutches in Blue, Tan and Olive
Half Moon Clutch in Pink, Emerald and Dark Grey
Half Moon Clutch in Leopard


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