Must Own: Tata Harper Rebuilding Moisturizer

tata_harper_rebuilding_moisturiserI try A LOT of beauty products and although most are wonderful, it’s very rare that I actually notice a significant different in my skin. Word spread like wild fire over the net about Tata Harper, so I had to see what all the buzz was about for myself.

I’ve been using the Rebuilding Moisturizer for the past month and no lie, my skin has never looked better. For once, it actually looks clear, vibrant and refreshed. I let the creamy moisturizer soak into my skin morning and evening, after cleansing of course, and let it work its magic. Some have argued that the scent is too strong, but I love it. It smells like orange blossoms and flowers and magic and I can’t get enough. Even though this moisturizer is a bit thick (at least in my opinion), it doesn’t clog the pores and seamlessly dissolves into the skin, so there’s no greasy aftermath left on the face. Plus, it’s 100% natural which is a must in my beauty book.

You can find out more about Tata’s Rebuilding Moisturizer and purchase it by going here and here, but if you ask me, this is a MUST OWN. Trust me, your skin will thank you.

x Allie

AmLactin Skin Care Giveaway

Lotion_2oz_Travel Ultra_4_9oz  Cerapeutic Travel SizeFoot_Cream_3oz

I’m excited to announce that my absolute FAVORITE wallet-friendly body lotion brand, AmLactin, has offered Haute Girls readers a giveaway of some of their best products. These lotions have done wonders for my skin and after the winter the East Coast has had, I know there is a huge need to rehydrate and reinvigorate skin!

Traditional moisturizers provide superficial results, but AmLactin products are different. Their unique alpha-hydroxy therapy exfoliates, retains the skin’s natural moisture, and draws water to the skin to hydrate so it looks and feels soft and smooth.

Giveaway details:

Simply comment on this post and a winner will be chosen on Wednesday, April 30, 2014. Giveaway includes: (1) One full-size AmLactin Ultra (4.9 oz tube), One (1) full-size AmLactin Foot Cream (3 oz.), One (1) travel-sized AmLactin Cerapeutic (2 oz.), One (1) travel-sized AmLactin Moisturizing Body Lotion (2 oz). Giveaway prize package worth approximately $35. Winner must be US resident.

Match 4 Good and JICNY Present Up Close and Behind the Scenes

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 6.43.04 PMJessica Abo is an award-winning television journalist, the founder of Match 4 Good, Inc. and an innate entrepreneur. After spending years volunteering for non-profits, coaching executives looking for a career change and helping singles find their soul mate, Jessica founded Match 4 Good, Inc. Her boutique consulting firm is a creative enterprise with a social and philanthropic twist, that helps people find everything from their professional path in life, an organ donor or their soul mate. 

Recently I met Jessica and was immediately drawn to her vivacious personality and infectious drive. Jessica invited me to JICNY and Match 4 Good’s first panel discussion of four spectacular female entrepreneurs sharing their incredible stories about their career paths. The women included Nili Lotan, designer of the Nili Lotan Label; Eleni Gianopulos, owner of the famous bakery, Elenis New York; Shira Sky head talent booker at Huff Post Live; and Pamela Mirels, founder of Culture Horde. Jessica mediated the panel as each woman shared their inspiring story of how they took a leap of faith and followed their passions. The panel discussion was filled with inspirational stories and brilliant advice. I’ll leave you with three tips that resonated with me the most.

1. Just do it! Take a chance and follow your dream, whether it’s big or small just get started… NOW! 

2. Be nice to everyone you meet, your relationships are what will help you most in life. I’m a firm believer in this and I’ve made some amazing relationships because of it.

3. Follow your passion, this is what makes your job fun and not a job at all.

Learn more about JICNY here and about Jessica Abo and Match 4 Good here.

Jeanette | @jeanettezinno

My Life Changing Wax: Sugaring

ZUEKUkalSCW_WWQUC3PVLIfYKDilNg2SXrux0QzsPLAI was recently invited into my favorite local threading salon, Beauty by Dolly, to try sugar waxing.  I have incredibly sensitive skin and as someone who has countless Brazilian waxing horror stories, I was very curious to try this out as a more natural alternative. I will never go back to regular waxing again! Not only was my “wax-pert” Sarah from my home town of Brooklyn (and just an all around awesome human being – go see her!), but my Brazilian wax was almost painless! Literally almost pain-free…I swear! I couldn’t even believe it.

I’m so relieved that I can finally do Brazilians again thanks to sugar waxing. Here are some things important things to know about sugaring:





  • Sugar wax is 100% natural and made from four simple and pure ingredients: sugar, water, lemon, and glycerin.

  • Sugaring is completely safe for ANY skin type regardless of medication being used, including retina-A, Accutane, Asorbica, antibiotics, etc.

  • Sugar wax adheres to the hair and not the skin, avoiding unnatural irritation or damage to the skin.

  • Sugaring is suitable for any skin & hair type. it’s a perfect match every single time.

  • Sugaring is a great hair removal alternative for pregnant women because chemicals often found in hair removal products can cause or trigger an allergic reaction, which is more likely to happen during pregnancy because your skin is more sensitive.


To learn more about Beauty by Dolly or sugar waxing, click here.
x Allie

NYC Workout Warrior

unnamedConfession: I’m into serial working out. I try to work out five days a week, but I get so bored at the gym and I like to try new workout classes ALL the time. [#NewYorkerProblems] In the past few weeks I’ve tried everything from a trampoline class to karate – HiYa! Below are a few of my favorites and hopefully, maybe, I’ll commit to one of these workouts. But with all of the new hybrid classes in New York City, I may just continue my serial working out ways!

Boxing - Burn 600 calories and sculpt my arms, shoulders, core, and legs in one workout? Yes, please! And I was invited to do just that at a group boxing workout class at Trinity Boxing Club, that Tyra Banks frequents. I learned basic boxing techniques with an instructor and had a blast through a series of group workout games, including tag in the boxing ring, hot potato and tug-of-war! (110 Greenwich St; 212-374-9393)

Trampoline - JumpLife, is a trampoline class, with a clublike vibe in TriBeCa, think strobe lights and loud music with trampolines. Basically you jump and dance on a trampoline for 45 minutes. The JumpLife workouts are a fun way to boost energy, lose weight, strengthen and tone. This class was probably the most fun I’ve had working out in a while. (404 Broadway; 212-966-2604)

Karate – Igor Dyachenko, a two-time world karate champion trained me at his Midtown studio, D-Dojo KarateD-Dojo offers a modern approach to a classical Japanese karate education where they integrate modern science and various martial art principles. Igor has practiced karate since he was six years old, and was very inspiring about the practice. His classes are a great way to learn patience, balance and of course, tone your whole body. (2 W 47th St; 212-537-6441)

Rowing – I’ve tried the rowing machines at the gym, and they’re definitely an amazing workout, so I decided to check out City Row. This class alternates between interval rowing and mat work, their signature 50-minute class combines high-interval sweat with low-resistance burn to scorch up to 600 calories in one session. The class flew by and made me sweat, so check it out! Bring gloves though, my hands hurt after class. (80 5th Ave; 212-242-4790)

Pilates – The Revivo Method class, created by Noemi Di Gregorio works your core and teaches you to concentrate on your breathing. It’s make you focus on performing precise, flowing movement that really targets each body part that you’re working. During my private class with Noemi we tailored a regimen designed to invigorate my body and mind. (596 Broadway; 201-367-8478)


Jeanette | @jeanettezinno


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